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Animals and we live in the same earth. Protecting animals, protecting our living environment. We have the choice of animal figurines carved from granite & marble, to decorate our Interior & Exterior landscapes. The vividness and brilliance from nature, but now close to us.

Cartoon figurines - Micky Mouse, Donald Duck, Hello Kitty... we can invite these favorite characters to play with us - no need to Disneyland for the enjoyments. With the everlasting stone, happiness and laughter around.

An-Cn-01.jpg (14379 bytes)      An-El-R.jpg (15547 bytes)
An - El - L An - El - R
An-Horse.jpg (15286 bytes)      An-Giraffe.jpg (18104 bytes)
An - Horse An - Giraffe
An-Rabbit.jpg (18857 bytes)      An-Tiger.jpg (31973 bytes)
An - Rabbit An - Tiger
An-Bear.jpg (13279 bytes)          An-Cat.jpg (22815 bytes)
An - Bear An - Cat

Wildlife is close to us. There's no beauty at all, but no eyes for beauty.

Nature beauty is always around us. And it's our turn to explore, to protect ...

Have the pleasure from the natural stone, and make good use of the nature resources.

Enjoy the richness of nature! Enjoy the life!

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