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Originate from Nature, Reward to Man

Combine your innovative originality & creation with Chinese delicate sculptures, make the whole between man and nature, and enjoy eternal beauty and richness of nature.

Simple carving of benches bring a rustic sense back to the nature. To be seated, a leisure to enjoy the relaxation under sunshine, shadow.....


Ls - Bn (S) - 01 Ls - Bn (S) - 02
Ls - Bn (S) - 03 Ls - Bn (S) - 04
Ls - Bn (S) - 05 Ls - Bn (S) - 06
Ls - Bn (S) - 07  


Here just displaying a small part of - Table & Bench - for the indoor or outdoor decoration.    You can have a various choice for your home renovation. Or sending your unique ideas for sourcing, here we can meet your needs to the full extent.

Any of your kind suggestion or comments will be appreciated warmly.กก

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