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We constantly R&D our sculptures, carvings, landscape items, and the like into granite, marble, bronze, fiberglass. The various materials develop our artworks.



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Unistone Inc.


Located in the southeast of China, we've been specializing in production and export all kinds of stoneworks since 1998.

eWorld of China stone sculpture - collection & gallery of China stone carvings. Lantern,fountain,animal figurines, status, pillar... Whatever you need, here you're met and satisfied.

The common interests in stone sculpture and pursuit for natural beauty of stone bring us together.

Unistone Inc. - newly born workshop with flourishing prospects, coupled with unique marketing via internet, timely service available. Quality guaranteed. Loyalty and integrity to consider your needs as much as we can.

Surfing in the eWorld of stone sculpture, enjoying the Chinese Wisdom & Culture! With a group of skilled crafsman and richness in natural stone resources, we develop Chinese traditional craftsmanship with Unique & Creative Ideas.

Gifts endowed by nature, keeping in harmony with nature, we have the eternal love and pursuit of stone beauty.

Online catalogues owned by Unistone Inc., decorate your longing homestead & wonderland - Theme Park - with natural stone.

New product lines are continuously developed with your confidence in our quality control.


Our motto - (Pls refer to the testimonial URL underneath)

Your satisfaction, Our success!


Enjoy nature richness, renovating & recreating with stone carvings!

Various products, Various choice for the landscape deco or home recreation!

Beautify the environment, Make life with more leisure!! 

Your Satisfaction, Our Success!

Custom Work (tailor-made) meet your requirements to the biggest extent.

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